Saturday, March 31, 2012

Nomoskar! Ek Minute!!

I have not written my blog for more than a month now. I was busy. Busy with my love, busy with books, FIFA 12 and Facebook . But then I have promised myself to write regularly and there should be at least one post in my blog every month. So it's a very small one. You will not take more than one minute to read it.
I have watched a few movies in last one month and like everyone else Vidya Balan's 'Kahaani' was the undisputed winner among them. A slick, well maintained thriller in the backdrop of our very own Kolkata, it impressed every one. Till now I have not find a single person who said anything less than, "Bhalo hoyechhe!" 
And among lots of great things about this movie it has also made people scared of their LIC agents. Yes, LIC agents are generally not very popular, the come at a regular gap, takes your money and tells you story of wonderful secured future with lots of return from those 'Jeevan Tarang' and 'Jeevan Nirman' kind of schemes.
Above that, now 'Kahaani' gave us Bob Biswas, The friendly LIC agent with a slightly disturbing side business. Bob Biswas has become a cult. There is a separate Facebook page with 18k+ likes in his name ( "Nomoskar! Ek Minute!!" has become a standard greeting among friends. One of my favorite writers Abhishekda has come up with this blog along with many other blogs and articles in the internet.
Saswata Chatterjee as Bob Biswas has taken this country by storm! And the biggest and the funniest example of that to me is a new Facebook joke, in the lines of RajaniKanth jokes, it's Bob Biswas joke and let me bid adieu to today with that.

Q: In his childhood when Rajani used to not listen to his mother, then what did his mother tell to control him?

A: "Nomoskar! Ek Minute!! Bob Biswas ke dakbo!"