Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Latest IPL TAMASHA!!!

Well... well... well... IPL in its first week and already we have a bagful of controversies/gossips around the greatest show of BCCI!!

The latest in the lot is the following blog

Well this is one of the Citi moment of success by the blogger as this blog becomes hugely popular!!

Apparently this is written by some fringe player based on Kolkata in the KKR team (They have a team of 43 players!!!) and giving all the inside stories about team strategy, player politics, commentators looking for bedding around with South African chicks etc.

The alternate view is that this is another marketing strategy by the KKR team management and SRK himself to keep KKR in news all the time!!

The writer has very good hold in English (One of the key reason to believe that this is not coming out from a local player!)... The humor is good, although sometimes it crosses the thin line of vulgarity!! But still a time pass read!!

The nicknames of the players given by him are all DLF maximum sixers!! Like,

Kaan Moolo: Agarkar
Prince Charles of Patiyala: Yuvraj
Mr. Batliwala: Vijay Malya
Lord Almighty: Sourav

I don't think this is done by any player neither I think this is a marketing strategy by SRK!! I mean com'n SRK is crazy enough to call himself bi sexual in his own blog or abuse the coach whom he is supporting!!

For me this is a very clever journalist in SAF making fun of the players!!

What do u guys think is up to you. Please do read the blog and let me know what's your take on this!!

That's it till now!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Shantiniketan Continues

Another Shantiniketan Trip!!


Mind blowing Music!! Lots of Vodka!! Midnight Rain!! Countless Taux Pass!! 40ta Fuchka!! PDA!! One little angel!! 2 sets of Bhishon cute couples (It's actually more if you count Papai's Sotins!!)!! AlooBhaja!!2to Kata Mundu!! Pneper Dalna!! Shoib Akhtar!! Fridg-er modhye Dekchi!!GMD & Sutta!!Awesome Friends!! 1 hour in Prantik Station!!

Only a few great things which will remind me of this trip!!

Abar Jabo!!

P.S. ohh... This was the first time in my Drinking history when it was complete Black out for me for an hour!! I have no idea how did I reach the bathroom at 4 o' clock in the morning!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


When I was 3-4 years old, at that time Earth was a much more simple place!! No computer, no cable channel, No shopping malls, No US Crdit card... I used to live my small tiny life with my Nonte-Fonte, Bnatul and Hnada Bhnoda... Heman, Spiderman and Ramayan in TV and my set of toys (white plastic animals which my dad used to brought from Dharmatala)!!

This video used to come in TV at that time and I was a big fan of this one. From very young age I was fascinated by sportsperson and I remember how my dad pointed out kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar and PK Banerjee in that video. Later this video was replaced by 'Mile Sur Mera Tumhara' and 'Baje Sargam'.

I was looking for this video since the day I knew old Duradarshan videos and ads can be found in Youtube (I love that site) and finally find it in the Orkut video list of one of the sweetest and most caring women I have met in my life, Kekadi!! Thanks Keksie!! I owe you a treat!!

P.S. I can identify Shreekanth, PK banerjee, Chuni Goswami, PT Usha, Ramesh Krishnan, Mansur Ali Khan pataudi, Kapil dev, Milkha Singh, Jarnal Singh, Sunny G, Prasanna, Venkatraghaban and Prakash Padukone... if anyone can identify someone else that would be appreceated!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Begining

Well, it's already March and I am attempting my first post of the year in this blog!!
Last two months were very busy!! Lots of work came in the office in the new year. Hope it will stabilize now. Also had more work in home than usual as my parents were out. Was forced to sleep early (1-1:30 that is). Also most of the nights I was busy with that girl who is in Sydney now. Unfortunately, in most of those nights she was 2000+ Kms away from me!!
Then I had my Mumbai trip.
I am reading books and watching movies regularly now days!! Although I love that but that is taking out considerable time from my orkuting and blogging!!
Read a few good books in the mean time. Adarsha Hindu Hotel (Bibhutibhushan Classic), Adbhuture( Shirshendu at his best), the Zoya factor (Girlish but enjoyable), HP & the Order of the Phoenix (One of the all time bests)... currently reading Beyond The Blues by Akash Chopra and the third part of Tarapodo Roy Galposamagra!!
Movies, well watched a few, Dev D (path breaking film), he is not that into you ( Girlfriend in the next seat, good looking girls in the screen, who cares for anything else!), SDM (Nice one time watch, I would say it's an interesting movie), LuckByChance (Chalta hain) and Victory (New Zenith of poor acting by Harman Baweza, the best actor in the movie was Brett Lee!!!)
But now with this five and half hour of time differences I guess those 2 hours in the night after I return from office will be free and unless I get too addicted to FIFA 07 I will write regularly!!

Also IPL is coming too!!

P.S. New addiction, Facebook!! :P

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Happy New Year to all my Friends!! Hope 2009 will bring you guys a lot of luck and success in every aspect of life!! Hope you guys get everything what you wish for!!

2008 was a mixed year for me. Happy with my life and work (touch wood) but unhappy with a few things too!! Got extremely angry seeing terrorists attacking our pride, got extremely shocked seeing the global financial crisis, got extremely sad seeing Sourav go.

Got new friends, visited new places, drunk new cocktails, watched new movies, enjoyed the IPL!!

Looking forward to 2009!!! hope Earth will become a much better place to live. And I pray to God so that all of our dreams will come true this year!! have a rocking 2009!!!