Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Shantiniketan Continues

Another Shantiniketan Trip!!


Mind blowing Music!! Lots of Vodka!! Midnight Rain!! Countless Taux Pass!! 40ta Fuchka!! PDA!! One little angel!! 2 sets of Bhishon cute couples (It's actually more if you count Papai's Sotins!!)!! AlooBhaja!!2to Kata Mundu!! Pneper Dalna!! Shoib Akhtar!! Fridg-er modhye Dekchi!!GMD & Sutta!!Awesome Friends!! 1 hour in Prantik Station!!

Only a few great things which will remind me of this trip!!

Abar Jabo!!

P.S. ohh... This was the first time in my Drinking history when it was complete Black out for me for an hour!! I have no idea how did I reach the bathroom at 4 o' clock in the morning!!


  1. a precise note.... just like the trip :) thanks to Doi'da-Jumelia'di-Heeya/Tapo/Bubla/Rik/Meghna and Papai :)

    you guys made this weekend and the trip a memorable one :)

  2. @ aUbir,

    U were the craziest!! :P

  3. All, This is just the begining to many such trips to Shantiniketan ...infact we could plan one in May

    next time Tapo decide the dates . friday evening hole besh hoi ..

    this trip was a memorable one for us as well. bhaggish Abir b day celebrate korechilo....

  4. All, This is just the begining to many such trips to Shantiniketan


  5. ha haa..abar jabo... tapo ki sundor guchie likhechis etuku teo... mairi ghotonar por ghotona... ar ami jodi april ei around 15th jaai... tokhon 2-3 week por eshe kichu din i thakbo.. die abar jete hobe for around 2-3 months... tai er modhei jete hobe... please please... bichi tor sathe mone hoe jawa hobe na :(

  6. raat tinte nagad ke ekta kotha diyechhilo ekta priyo poddo gaan kora hobe. bodhoy meghna.

    "keu kotha raakheni".

    oite kortei aarekbar jete hobe khub shiggir.

    same time, same place, same people, same paaglaami na hole gaan hobe koddiye?!!!

  7. বন্ধুরা নিয়ে এলো, আনকোরা লাল এলোমেলো!