Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Latest IPL TAMASHA!!!

Well... well... well... IPL in its first week and already we have a bagful of controversies/gossips around the greatest show of BCCI!!

The latest in the lot is the following blog

Well this is one of the Citi moment of success by the blogger as this blog becomes hugely popular!!

Apparently this is written by some fringe player based on Kolkata in the KKR team (They have a team of 43 players!!!) and giving all the inside stories about team strategy, player politics, commentators looking for bedding around with South African chicks etc.

The alternate view is that this is another marketing strategy by the KKR team management and SRK himself to keep KKR in news all the time!!

The writer has very good hold in English (One of the key reason to believe that this is not coming out from a local player!)... The humor is good, although sometimes it crosses the thin line of vulgarity!! But still a time pass read!!

The nicknames of the players given by him are all DLF maximum sixers!! Like,

Kaan Moolo: Agarkar
Prince Charles of Patiyala: Yuvraj
Mr. Batliwala: Vijay Malya
Lord Almighty: Sourav

I don't think this is done by any player neither I think this is a marketing strategy by SRK!! I mean com'n SRK is crazy enough to call himself bi sexual in his own blog or abuse the coach whom he is supporting!!

For me this is a very clever journalist in SAF making fun of the players!!

What do u guys think is up to you. Please do read the blog and let me know what's your take on this!!

That's it till now!!


  1. Blog ta asadharon!! Thanks so much for coming up with this....God bless you for helping us (--> 10 minute procrastinators every 30 minutes).

    Though it looks like the guy is very Bengali. In one of the entries he mentions how one of the senior cricketers didn't know what is a blog and referred to it in Bengali. The nickname "Kaan Moolo" [ =))] is too Bengali. And although he isn't a Saurav fan, he spares the other Bengali cricketers though.

    The supposedly "insider" details that he is giving in, fits very well with what the general "junta" could imagine--it doesn't challenge the public imagination (of how Lordie and Coachie et al would behave in the flight and practise fields), but rather feeds it. This could be a person who is a sucker for every kind of cricket news, AND...this is the most important part--has someone giving him the tidbits of information. This someone supplying the info could be any person (the event manager even! ;) ). Other possibilities of the blog author also include a journalist or reporter, equipped with well-calculated imagination and of course, a telephone to call and talk with the key informant in South Africa.

    Whatever it is, it appears to be fake. If it were real, there should have been more telling information as to the weather, the small talks, the dress the Sandy Babe and such people wear (the author expresses his interest for goodlooking owners and people in general), how people are sitting in a meeting (he does make some fleeting references sitting across Lordie :D....but that's about it).

    In any way you look at it, this blog is indeed a fun least it got a strict cricket non-fan like me, reading it :-)

  2. I think it's a bengali journo who has his contacts in different teams, Ranadeb Bose in KXP for example!! And he is cooking up stories a few inside tips from his friends!! But very enjoybale never the less!!

  3. Kaal raat thekei ami ar amar best friend alochona korchhilam eta RDB hotey paare!! Aajke dekhi seisob theory maatheo neme gechhe!

    Blogta kintu bowler's perspective-er dikey ektu beshi aligned...maane as far as discussion and criticism of strategies and players are concerned.

    Blog author has to be a Bengali! (aajker entry ta dekhis...Shighro Patan...ei naam bangali chhara ke debe?)

    Ranadeb Bose sob somoy laptop niye ghorena? Ebong KKR er team-e achhe, MAC etc--egulo bhulbhal lead. Ishant Sharma ke regular targetting ebong Saurav er opore abhimaansulobh khaar....egulo kintu ekjon-er dikey aangul dekhachhe.

    Jodio eta konodin-i dhora porbe hunch is this is Ranadeb Bose!

    Blog ta khasha jodio....roj sokale uthe dekhi ki likhlo na likhlo :D

  4. Koyeldi,

    RDB hotei pare... ebong o kintu besh anyorokom!! mane Suddha-r school-e porto, Promodda-r canteen-e bose adda marto, England jaoar somoy songe kore feluda Somogro nie gechhilo!!

    Jodio ekta mojar jinis hochchhe je, o kalke khelechhe Punjab-er hoe!! So either KXP team oke sondeho kore na ba korleo care kore na o ki likhchhe!! Third option hote pare likhe KKR-ke distract korar janyoi chance pelo hoeto!! ;)

  5. now when everything is known, what do you feel about this blog...Do you think that you should delete this because everybody knows who is the person and why he was doing that? Wait a minute...The 'official' version is rock star Rupam Islam's brother-in-law was doing all those just for fun..

    Anupam Mukherjee is a marketing strategist who founded Media Maketting Inovators in 2006 and is the CEO of this your point of 'marketing' still may valid....

    hope I will provide you more stories on this later ;)

    till that time dont delete this blog.. :)

  6. Well... all these were speculation at that time. And even though the truth is out and the guy even come up with his own book, there's no reason to delete this blog.

    Also, will wait for more inside stories from your side! ;-)