Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Why So Serious ?

Yesterday morning I woke up early, had an early lunch and rush towards a local multiplex. the reason, The Dark Knight or TDK was going to play at a 10:30 show, and during the movie I was feeling like a transition happening within me and once I finished watching the movie at 1 o' clock in the afternoon I was not in this world, I was in some other world where there is only a man with white painted face, black circles round his eyes and red scars in two sides of his lip to give him a permanent smile.

But it's not the appearance only. His continuous lip licking, his intense look, his hissing voice, his pencil disappearing trick, when he tells about his father asking him,"Why So Serious?" all these moments!!! And I have no words to describe them. His sudden mock clapping in the jail, His holding a old man by his neck and,"you are just like my father" then a pause and in a more hissing voice "I hate my father!" Ohh my god!!

the entire yesterday I was thinking about him and I am thinking it now and I don't know how long it will continue. Anything which can go even little bit closer to this experience is when I saw Sourav scoring a century in Eden with me being in the crowd, but that was a moment of pride and joy but this is a moment where I am feeling like I am being mesmerized by a magician and I do not want to get out of this spell cast by the Joker!