Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Latest IPL TAMASHA!!!

Well... well... well... IPL in its first week and already we have a bagful of controversies/gossips around the greatest show of BCCI!!

The latest in the lot is the following blog

Well this is one of the Citi moment of success by the blogger as this blog becomes hugely popular!!

Apparently this is written by some fringe player based on Kolkata in the KKR team (They have a team of 43 players!!!) and giving all the inside stories about team strategy, player politics, commentators looking for bedding around with South African chicks etc.

The alternate view is that this is another marketing strategy by the KKR team management and SRK himself to keep KKR in news all the time!!

The writer has very good hold in English (One of the key reason to believe that this is not coming out from a local player!)... The humor is good, although sometimes it crosses the thin line of vulgarity!! But still a time pass read!!

The nicknames of the players given by him are all DLF maximum sixers!! Like,

Kaan Moolo: Agarkar
Prince Charles of Patiyala: Yuvraj
Mr. Batliwala: Vijay Malya
Lord Almighty: Sourav

I don't think this is done by any player neither I think this is a marketing strategy by SRK!! I mean com'n SRK is crazy enough to call himself bi sexual in his own blog or abuse the coach whom he is supporting!!

For me this is a very clever journalist in SAF making fun of the players!!

What do u guys think is up to you. Please do read the blog and let me know what's your take on this!!

That's it till now!!