Monday, November 21, 2011

My Blogging Life

Today evening, I got pleasantly surprised when Rik asked me about how to choose template for a blog. Rik is one of my closest friends and owner of a wonderful sense of humor. So, Rik writing a blog is always an interesting piece of news.

So while helping Rik, with the instructions to get a template for his new blog, I realized that even my blog template merits a change, my template was old and also had limitations like a very narrow column structure which does not help when you want to add photos with your writing.

So, I also started exploring all the possible template options and after some research which included preview of almost all available template I selected the one, which is called 'Picture Window', this gives a soothing blue background and I was quite happy with it.

So, I changed the template, re-arrange my other gadgets like, 'Labels', 'Logo', 'About Me' etc. and then I felt nostalgic about this blog and decided to walk down the memory lane regarding this blog. Although I have to accept this blog is just 3 years, 10 months and 4 days old with just 31 posts.

I read my first post. I re-lived the happiness and pleasure I got when I found a way to express myself, when I finally decided to blog seriously. I was ecstatic to have my own space in the web world.

And then I saw that I had promised myself to write about almost all the things possible under the sun! If I go in Tarapodo Roy's way and quote myself, I said,

'I will write about the earth and the sea, I will write about the winter and the autumn, I will write about the mountain and the desert, I will write about Tiger Prawn and Pao bhajji, I will write about the casino of Las Vegas and slums of Kolkata, I will write about Harry Potter's wand and Sherlock Holmes' pipe, I will write about Marlon Brando and Rajanikanth, I will write about friendship and love, I will write about the Tajmahal and the Pyramids, I will write about George Bush and Steve Bucknor. I will write about life and death.'

Yeah... too dramatic! I feel now. Excitement for my then newly found toy may be. But what I have actually written in last 46 months? I did a check, check of all my tags and what did I found?

I have written 10 posts about cricket! Not a big surprise considering my love towards the game and players. Also another fact is that my 2 only published works are about cricket only. Those 10 posts include player profile of Sourav, VVS, Harbhajan and Sehwag. Also there are two fictions including one of my favorite 'The IPL Overview' written during the first season of IPL. Even I managed to find time to write one post about the 'Fake IPL Player'.

One of my most searched and most commented post is 'Kopai-e KelenkariO Anyanyo'. It described our 'Once-in-a-lifetime' trip to Shantiniketan in 2008. It was one of those completely crazy trips and we had some very very memorable moments there. It was very easy for me to write that post as so many peculiar events happened in that trip that I did not have to do anything to make my post funny.

I also like my 3 posts regarding 3 of my most favorite Pheluda stories. Those ones also pretty much well read and well appreciated by my friends.

Outside the blogging world my life was very very eventful in last 3 years, with some good memories and some not so good memories, some laughter and sorrow, some new friendships and some broken relations and all those events gave me enough reason to inscribe my random thoughts and that's why you will find 9 such posts and may be this will be the 10th one.

In 2008, with all the excitement for my newly started blog I completed 11 posts, which reduced to 7 in 2009 and 5 in 2010, even first 9 months of 2011, resulted in only 2 posts but then somehow I found my motivation and now I have promised myself write more often.

I don’t know whether any one is going to read this one, but someone manages to glance through it I am sure he would find this one quite boring, so let me make a promise that in my next post I will write about something interesting.

Let’s call it a day for today, Pakistan is trying to change the course of a cricket match from seemingly a no-hope position, which they do quite frequently when they are in Sharjah, let’s see what can they do today.

PS. Started this post by mentioning Rik's attempt to start a blog and here is his first post. Pretty neat work! Keep writing!

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