Wednesday, May 9, 2012

When She Writes

"MP Tendulkar theke TV Anchor Aamir Khan, Budhhijibi theke Bhooter Bhobisyot, IPL or I-league, Sharadindu othoba satyajit.. Karunamayee r rashtaye brishti bheja bikele sobaike obak kore diye amra style of cricket writing niye jhogra kori..amader gift er list e chocolates, flowers, cards er pashapashi thake Anil Kumble er Wide Angle.. scoop jane amader romance, Eden jane amader SG-RD jhamela.. n dts y you are special, dts y I cherish each & every moment with you. I know I fight a lot, I know I never accept d fact but trust me I am actually in love with your presence in my life. Miss you a lot.. Tapabrata Banerjee"

-------------- Shreyasi Talukdar

Missing You a lot Baby!! 

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