Thursday, August 16, 2012


I fight with you about Mohun Bagan-East Bengal and Sourav-Rahul. I love the beauty of your eyes. I adore your way of talking. I laugh when you make countless Faux Pas. I make fun of your craziness and chattering. I cuddle with you whenever I get a chance. I share PJs to give you 'Saas-Koshto'. I give you shoulder when you are sad. I go to 10 shops to find a crackle to see you smile. I walk with you in the streets of Kolkata. I call you 40 times till you pick up the phone. I get angry and twist your hand when you do not listen to me. I hold your hand when you are drunk. I take you to night walk in Shantiniketan. I watch your video to improve my mood. I think of you to realize how beautiful my life is.

I am in Love with You!!

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