Sunday, March 10, 2013

Flying Over the Atlantic

[1st Part... Here]

8th March 4.30 PM EST, somewhere above US coast, around 36000 feet above the sky
Another 3 hours to go before this flight is scheduled to reach Chicago and After finishing couple of movies during the journey now I am fulfilling one of my long outstanding wish. For a long time (since I have written ‘From a moving train’) I wanted to write my blog from a moving aeroplane and yes finally it is achieved. I have switched on my computer and typing the 2nd part of my travel journal. I have also switched on my laptop because I want to listen to ‘GeetaGobinda’ by Chandrabindoo (The first song I dedicated to Shreya while coming back from Hampi) while flying above Atlantic Ocean!!
The battery does not have enough charge so let me write down a few things with GeetaGobinda in the background.
The scenario is improving slightly. Got the front row seat with better leg space and BA flight attendants confirmed  that I might still catch my next flight on time. The girl in my next seat, Laura, is sleeping heavily. Not to be even slightly disturbed in her sleep, she has put two layers of clothes above her eyes!!
The flight is like any other flight with good food and very polite behaviour. Although it is dark as lights are off and most of the people are sleeping with windows pulled down. Well this is 10.30 PM in UK and around 3 o’clock in the morning in India. But as you know I do not sleep much and I have actually slept a lot in my morning flight.
May be I should use this time to give you some background of my travel. So basically, I am visiting a few onshore sites of the company I work for, Capital One. First I am going to Richmond, VA. This is the head office and will spend a week there. Next I will move to North-West to be in Tigard, OR. This is one of the operations site, where I am going to meet people like Alison (my US team lead) and Scott (Sr. Director) and also some more people who are important for my current project. From Tigard I am going to Phoenix for a couple of days to meet Sekar, my business counterpart and then will take my return flight from Phoenix on 26th March to reach India on 28th morning.
26% charge left in the battery. Let me stop now. Hopefully I will reach Richmond tonight and can post these two parts before going to bed!


  1. so this leg was relatively hassle-free! waiting for more!

  2. Yeah for people like tapa "legs" need to be free. Otherwise it will be a hassle.

  3. British Airways typically has a limited leg-space. I hope your legs aren't aching.

    All in all, I think it has been a commendable narration, given the short span of time available to you.