Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Virat

I first noticed him in 2008.He was leading the Indian U-19 team in the World cup. I saw a few matches, observed that he was a very active and tactful captain in field (much like SG) and also shuddered at the expletives came out of his mouth after winning the World cup beating SAF.
Few days later I visited his Orkut profile and saw an 'about me' full of sms English as well as words like Fuck, screwed and all. The new generation... I thought.
I remember his debut series against Sri Lanka (who else) in a low scoring series in Dambula and started liking his batting more and more.
In last 5 years I have seen so many great innings by him in ODIs, IPL and even in Tests. His chasing success has already reached a legendary status. I remember his vicious attack on Malinga in Australia or the 183 against Pakistan as well as the twin centuries against the Aussies in the last series. I am following the astonishing rate at which he his reaching his ODI century land marks.
But for me the long lasting memory of Virat Kohli would always be the attached video. It showed how he has matured, not only as a cricketer as well as a human being.

Happy Birthday Virat. Proud of you. Hope there will be another player, who may be just 5-6 years old now, who will become an Indian cricketer some day and may be after winning the 2027 World cup he will lift you on his shoulder and say those golden words, “Well He has carried the burden of the nation for 21 years, so it’s time we carried him on our shoulders”, just like you did on 2nd Aprill 2011 Night.
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