Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Alia is not Alone : Thankfully

This will be a relatively smaller post in my blog because my main idea is to collate a few videos which I like to watch over and over again. I am writing this post to celebrate the awesome gift of humour which only few people have. Also not all humour but a special kind of humour. The humour which is targeted to no one else the person who is making the joke. This is the power of laughing at himself.
Sadly, in recent time Indians especially politicians and fans of certain cricket players have become so egoistic that they can not stand any joke or even a single opposite view from anyone else. In this time it’s like a breath of fresh air when I find a video where someone is making fun of himself instead of taking pot shot at someone else.
I love to laugh at myself and my friends Kanad or Sayantan would support that fact. I remember some of my drunken stories as some of the most hilarious stories I know. And I have told those stories many a time despite the risk of embarrassing myself.
The idea of this piece has come to my mind after watching Alia Bhatt in the wonderful video created by AIB which includes people like Karan Johar, Arjun Kapoor, Parineeti Chopra and Mahesh Bhatt alongside Alia. And they had a great time in that 10 minutes video and so do I. Alia was exceptional but I also loved those cameos from Arjun and Parineeti. With two and half million views in just two days this video is truly viral and deservingly so.

Few years back I have watched the following video. It was none other than Rajanikanth who took the centre stage. Not only it was a great narration by him but it also shows his humbleness and great sense of humour. I also understood why he was so very popular among his fans.

Anurag Kashyap generally comes out as a serious guy making serious movies. But the video he created with the folks of Qtiyapa shows his fun side. With movie ideas like ‘Jab We Kill’ and ‘Lingam’ it is an outrageously funny piece.

I can remember these three videos at this moment and I will keep adding as I find more. Before I close let me try to the same. I would like to end with a story of mine.

The year was 2007. I have just joined HSBC couple of months back. One of those days I and one of the senior members of the team were in the lift lobby for the elevator to come. Certain Middle aged gentleman joined us. He knew my team member and greeted him. My team member introduced me to him so we shook hands and then our conversation went like this:

Middle Aged Gentleman (smiling): Hi, Kandivelu!
Me: Sorry…
MAG: Kandivelu!!
Me: Sorry, I did not get you.
Me (desperately): What’s that?

… A pause…

MAG: It’s my name!!!

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