Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Twitter #IPL

A Tweet conversation of recent times!! May be the true reason of Son-In-law’s arrest!

@Gorunath (Not Son-In-Law, just an honorary member of the family; enthusiastic about the daughter hence visits bedroom occasionally)
Good Morning! Feeling like betting 2day!! #profit

@Appam_Chutiya (Dancer, Actor, Rudali, plays cricket occasionally)
Wow! Great Idea @Gorunath! M also in mood to leak few runs today! ;-) #signal

@Appam_C, u leaking runs and @JR_Bachpan acting bad do not depend on you guys’ moods! #UniversalTruth #NotTalkingAboutCondoms

@SR_Bachpan (Actor, Politican, Farmer, Bread earner for the family)
Keep my son and Bahu out of it @Gorunath!! # Angry #MC #BC

@JR_Bachpan (Actor – My Father says so)
Hey Dad! Aamir and Shahrukh think @Gorunath is praising me! True?? B) #cool

Are You f%&^ing  BLIND?? #3Idiots #ShouldHaveUsedCondoms

Enough crap! Let me reach my Point of Contact! @Point_Dara_Singh u around? #Betting

@Point_Dara_Singh (My Daddy Strongest)
Joy Sri Ram! M around!! Ready to bet!! #LookingForMyCellPhone

@RamuKaka (Realistic Film Maker, latest Cuisine show ‘RGV ka Shaag’)
@Point_Dara_singh, I want to make a movie on your life Buddy!! #TrueStoryMovie

Wow! Great! Should I play myself? #Easy #Can’tAct

Are u f%&^ing kidding me @Point_Dara_Singh! At best u can get a side role of a bookie!! #F%&^er #Can’tAct

Let’s bet on @MS_Dhobi coming to bat before number seven! #TakeNoteDhobi

@MS_Dhobi (Model, Cricketer, Captain, Whistle Podu!!)
@Gorunath, I can’t bat so high up the order! In pressure to perform!! Recently married to @Suck-C

Tell me some other option if you want to be in the team! #Retention

Bet on @SirJ having a Moustache in today’s match! #Lord #RESPECT

Match is in next 1 hour!! #Mad #Dehati

@SirJ (Lord, cricket was born to played by me)
If I wish I can grow moustache and Beard on @Gorunath’s face in 1 minute!! #WannaTry

Sorry Lord! Should not have doubts on you!! #Mistake #Doomed

@Indian_Police (Integral part of Hindi cinema, always come when it’s over)
@Gorunath, douted on @SirJ!!! You are under Arrest!! #BigFish

@Or-knob_Gnoshai (Journalist of the nation)
Mr. @Srini_Mama, nation wants to know is @Gorunath part of spot fixing. #AnswerOrNotWillAskThis100Times

@Srini_Mama (Prez. Of Cricket team and Owner of Board, or vice-versa… whatever)
I have done no wrong! Don’t know if @Gorunath is fixing! #DontAskQuestion

But Mr. @Srini_Mama, nation wants to know how you don’t know when you are following @Gorunath!! #AnswerOrNotWillAskThis100Times

Do not hound me! I am leaving @Or-Knob_Gnoshai!! #Let’sRunNow

@Repeat_Shashtri (I sense something’s gonna give…)
@Srini_Mama went like a tracer bullet!! #Cliches

(Just for Fun... no intention to hurt anyone's sentiment. Any similarities to anyone living-dead-yet to born are completely UN-intentional.)

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  1. @Teri_Kom This is a blatant discrimination against the North-Eastern states. #Activist
    @Mom1084_Debi I think this is a severe blow on the quasi-socio-economic infrastructure by the bourgeois. #blablabla
    @SVV_Ram Can't understand how Men in Yellow win matches. #ghyam
    @Utkal_Banga @SVV_Ram Mentor raho, dimaag ki batti bujhao, eh? #grapesaresour
    @2.5kg_kahaath Kya dimaag ki batti - mera mazaak udaate ho? #blasphemy
    @Jism2jism Sunny I want to marry you and take your surname #proposal
    @Sir I think I can buy off BCCI with whatever is there in my piggy-bank.
    @Maddy_N_Honey Just wanted to say Hi.